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CafeSuite is a powerful software package for cyber cafes. It provides complete solution for your business.

Features include:

  • convenient session and workstation management
  • personalized customer accounts
  • strong client security
  • remote control
  • print monitoring
  • support for card readers, barcode scanners and POS printers
  • detailed reports and statistics
  • full customization

Although the software offers many advanced options and features, it's still fast and very easy to use.
The interface is simple and intuitive, you can start using CafeSuite right after installing the package. The basic setup process is very easy.

Learn more about CafeSuite on product's homepage:

CafeSuite Instant Recovery Module

CafeSuite Instant Recovery Module offers state-of-the-art protection technology for computers.
It protects from viruses, unwanted software installation, accidental and intentional file deletion and hard drive damage.

After installation, simple reboot restores the computer to it's original state, even when the hard drive was formatted or computer got infected by a virus.

CafeSuite Instant Recovery Module is a perfect solution for all institutions that provide access to the computers to the customers. Problems with data loss, viruses or system corruption simply disappear.
There are no more technical issues. No more downtime.

Learn more about CafeSuite Instant Recovery Module at: